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Waste recycling

We offer sustainable waste- and recycling solutions. Let us deal with your waste and recycle it in a sustainable way.

Material recycling is our top priority. Only the material that isn’t eligible for recycling is used for energy recovery. Through our vast network of partners, the waste material is sorted and sent to be reused as secondary materials within the manufacturing of new goods, all done according to the principals of circular economy.

Our facility is located in Pjelax, where we are able to receive, store and recycle waste. We have a scale and a sorting terminal at our disposal facility. Retex specializes in material recycling. Waste material is transported, sorted and then delivered to the right recovery facility to be processed for new production.

Retex collects, receives, sorts and delivers materials to recycling. These materials consist of business-, retail-, industrial-, agricultural-, farming- and construction site waste material. This includes cardboard, carton, paper, plastics, energy waste, construction site waste, biowaste, glass, metals, stone material as well as confidential material which is destroyed according to your standards and given safety classifications. Some of our partners are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.