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Hazardous waste

We can help you with your hazardous waste, so you can feel safe knowing we responsibly disposed of it for you.

Hazardous waste requires safe management and disposal. We’re the right company for you if you want personal contact and personal service. We can help you by turning something complicated into something simple. Together we’ll make sure it’s cost-effective, and we make sure the transport is done in an effective and sustainable way. With the help of our partners’ solid experience, we can help our clients feel safe knowing that the hazardous waste is handled and reported in a correct manner. Contact us, and our sales personnel can guide you in determining what kind of equipment you need, and through our experience in the field we can help you decide what type of collection containers or storage model you need for handling your waste. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are unsure about weather your waste is classified as hazardous or not!