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Waste management services

Different types of facilities call for different waste management solutions. We’re here to help!

Different facilities call for different recycling solutions depending on what type of waste is produced. We can help! Our flexible recycling solutions are environmentally friendly and effective, to meet our clients’ needs and standards. We also sell trash containers. We collect your waste and transport it on to our partners, who then recycle it efficiently using their innovative technologies.

Recycle more at home
You can sort your waste at home too, by separating metal, glass and paper in different containers, which we’ll then collect from your home. If you have any questions, big or small, regarding recycling or waste management, don’t hesitate to call us! Your waste problem, our job! See your pickup schedule in our online client portal here!

If a red day in the calendar occurs during a weekday on your scheduled pickup week, we kindly ask you to leave your trash container out from Sunday evening, until it has been emptied. Your scheduled pickup is scheduled to happen on a given week, not on a given day. During the winter we kindly ask property owners to take good care of our garbage truck drivers by plowing away the snow and putting down sand on and around your pickup area, so the driver can safely empty your trash containers!

Together we can create sensible and sustainable waste sorting solutions for your housing company!
We encourage all our clients to sort more of their waste at home. Within your housing company you too have the possibility to sort more waste. We can help you learn about these possibilities, and together we can create a transparent sorting procedure. Different sizes of trash containers can be adjusted to fit your needs. You can buy your trash containers from us. We specialize in making sure the waste firstly is sent to be recycled. We also make sure to plan our transports in a manner that is route efficient and sustainable.