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We offer efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for waste disposal management and recycling

Do you need a dumpster or some other form of waste sorting container? We’re here to help!
Septic tank emptying
Simplify your life and order the emptying of your septic tank at a set interval from us.
Comprehensive rental services for the construction industry. We have construction machines for rent.
farligt avfall
Hazardous waste
We can help you with your hazardous waste, so you can feel safe knowing we responsibly disposed of it for you.
Transportation services
We can transport any sized machines for you, both regional and long-distance transportations available!
Waste recycling
We offer sustainable waste- and recycling solutions. Let us deal with your waste and recycle it in a sustainable way.
Waste sorting
We specialize in coarse sorting of waste. When the mixed waste arrives at our terminal, we sort out all the recyclable materials. The good-quality materials are recycled, and the rest is sent to be incinerated for energy recovery.
Waste compactors
Compressing your waste reduces the number of transportations required, transports can often be reduced by half just by compressing the waste. We can help you find the right compactor for your specific needs!
cistern front spol o sug
Cistern cleaning
We offer cleaning of the tank to enable an easier inspection, in order to ensure that the tank is functioning properly.
Grease separators
Do you need help cleaning and inspecting your grease separator? We have comprehensive solutions for you!
Dry material vacuuming

Through a number of partners, we are also available to offer dry material vacuuming and demolition.

Electronic waste

Elker and Retex have now made an agreement on cooperation, Retex can now accept electronic waste that belongs to producer responsibility. Do you ha