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Residential client?

Here you can find more information regarding your home. Start sorting more of your household waste at home!

In a residential home a number of services occur that can easily be ordered from us. We can pick up your household waste, and you can also sort your paper, plastics, metal and glass in separate containers, and we will pick them up at the same time too! Go to this page to read more about our waste management services provided by our garbage trucks.

Do you have a pumping station in need of a cleaning? Do you have a tank that needs to be emptied on a regular basis? Is your sewer clogged? Do you have a septic tank that needs to be emptied regularly? Click here to find out more about our pressure washing and vacuum services!

After a good spring-cleaning of your house or garage, you might need a dumpster to easily get rid of your waste. Read more about our dumpster services here.

Another use for a dumpster is at construction sites or when remodeling your house. For those purposes we can also rent you all the power tools you might need during this process, or tarpaulins for protecting materials from the rain. Read more about our rental services here.

In our assortment of rental products, you can also find leaf blowers, cultivators, e.g.

We can also manage your confidential waste material if you want to clean out your archive. Read more about our confidential material management service here.